Lunchboxes in my life

Work and life often have a curious symbiosis. Maybe it happens more in my life, as I work with food, we all have to eat, and friends often ask me what to eat. One  of my real life roles is guardian of the lunchbox, maybe you have the impression that I might be quite militarian in this role, as I have written a (very good)book entitled “Kids’ Healthy Lunchboxes”. This is not the case. I, take the stand of, like most modern mothers, while being well informed about current healthy eating issues, also desire to give favourites, but I also want to give a good food experience> The difference is that I work with a huge amount of products, and I know which ones taste nice, are healthy, and may find a good reception in a hungry, indifferent teenager.

Muesli is the answer – no not the oats and brown (non leather) sandals kind, but the indulgent kind, muesli for beginners, ‘entry level’ muesli. Try Jordans Nut and Seed Muesli as a substitute for a bag of crisps, I promise you, you will be amazed at the response.

I was working with various muesli samples, and had to put them under lock and key so that my girls wouldn’t finish them, leaving a recipe hang unfinished in the air, with a reader wanting vengeance for a recipe that does not work. Anyway, it was the Nut and Seed Muesli that was making them act like mice in the night, and it is now a firm fixture in the lunchbox.

Another meal that causes angst in our house is breakfast, mainly because I am the meanest Mum in the world and do not buy any chocolate  or cocoa dusted breakfast cereal. This has two interesting consequences, A) Breakfast Club at school is very attractive to the 8 year old, Coco Pops is on the menu there, and b) Chocolate Muesli (Jordans’ Country Crisp, namely) becomes very attractive. Of course, I sometimes have to mix in the end of a pack of normal muesli when tidying up, but no-one seems to notice…..

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