Lunch with My Dad

Lunch with my Dad…

Used to be a very nice way to finish off the week on a Friday. The White Bear with it’s central location, was a favourite for a beer and a sandwich with whoever was around. The Six Bells was favoured for the landlord,Iain, who looked over his beers like children, this became a favourite spot to catch up w


We would often see someone he knew, and if we didn’t there was the warm atmosphere of the pub, and the welcome of the landlord to keep us company. It is one of my favourite memories of my father.

Lunch with my Dad today was quite different. I am the first to acknowledge, that you cannot stand in the way of progress, and pubs have changed now. But has the last 20 years seen us change fundamentally into people who no longer value a warm welcome and a (jolly/clubbable) atmosphere? 

The breweries tell us that we no longer want merely a drink and a chat, but that we now need a continuous news feed from the outside world, and that we need a seasonally changing roster of drinks, and the only beer to be served should be chilled, from a bottle. Apparently, the food that we want to eat in a café/ bar/ pub has changed too. We no longer want cheese and pickles unless it is in a baguette, and no snacks unless they are centrally produced crisps. 




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