Couture Chili

The best thing about writing recipes is when you hear from the readers, and they tell you how they got on with your recipes. That is one of the many fabulous advantages of the internet. Many cooks have contacted me about my “Ultimate Slow Cooker’ books, and regaled me with stories of how they got on. I am always thrilled to hear that they thought my recipe worthwhile enough to go out and buy the ingredients and actually cook it! Recently, Dan Jones contacted me to say that he was very happy with the cookbooks ( he bought both of them!). He was disappointed to find that there was no recipe for chili con carne though. Thanks to the real time nature of the internet, I promised to cook up a chili for him that very week, and he would have his own bespoke Brucie bonus recipe. He was very excited, at the prospect of a couture recipe. I know I am inflating my production now, likening it to the House of YvesSaintLaurent, and my kitchen to an atelier of seamstresses.
This was all embarked upon, and the recipe duly produced. However, poor Dan, I hope being a Slow Cooker fan, he is a patient man. It has taken me three weeks now, to actually sit down and write the recipe and send it over to him.
I am now going to share it with you, and if you would like to have more of the same, there are lots in my Slow Cooker Books!
The Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook

One thought on “Couture Chili

  1. Thank you for visiting Under Western Skies. I’m delighted to find chili recipes from an expert with 5-star credentials. We celebrate the U.S. National Chili Month each autumn, but it’s a universal food. Cheers!

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